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What are people saying about Decors by Amy?

"URAL THOMBLIN, a real-estate agent for 26 years, said staging can prove very bene ficial when selling a home.


'I needed a home staged and had seen some of the work Amy (Wagner) had done. You get an itemized list and very complete proposal,' Thomblin said. 'She does what she says she'll do, she puts in all in writing and there are no unexpected surprises.'

With online advertising of real estate and more people going there in search of a home, staging is more popular than ever. A house with furniture and accessories means more attractive online photographs that, in turn, make a much better first impression on a buyer.

Amy will also work with people who are living in the homes while they are on the market, he said.

'If a home is not vacant, she will come in as a consultant and make suggestions that will help make the home more attractive and make the best first impression,' he said.

'I can't say enough good things about Amy. She keeps things simple and you get exactly what she says you're going to get,' Thomblin added." (from the York Daily Record article, see the history page)



"SCOTT RHINEHART of York said he contacted Wagner for her help with several of his homes.


'That girl is amazing. She helped us sell three different homes,' he said.

One that had been vacant for some time sold quickly after Wagner made some suggestions, such as new kitchen appliances and a few other minor adjustments.

'She brought in furniture and accessories, and within a week it was sold,' Rhinehart said.

The story was much the same for two other properties, and Rhinehart is convinced that home staging with someone like Wagner is the answer to selling a home.

'She can come in and make changes so that when a potential buyer can imagine living in the house, it feels like it is theirs,' he said." (from the York Daily Record article, see the history page)


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